Excerpts from some of the fine press for Camphor’s debut release “Drawn to Dust”:

Outburn Magazine: "... more or less flawless ..."
Filter Magazine: "an immaculate first album.... highlighting Max's engrossing voice and expressive lyrics"
Stereo Subversion: "Camphor make a whole album that could be interpreted in many different ways, all of them good."
All Music: "Lichtenstein turns out to be a surprisingly effective pop songwriter, with a particular knack for choruses that subtly insinuate themselves into the subconscious after only a couple listens"
PopMatters: "Drawn to Dust is a beautifully organic album, full of songs with a complexity that practically breathes and whose life cycle you can hear."
Tiny Mix Tapes: "picture-perfect atmosphere..."
Detour Magazine: "This is music of worn wood and rough fabric made smooth, and it has a wonderfully lived in feel..."

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